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We are truly grateful to have Henning Schmiedt to bring out this exquisiteness in modern classical music to us.

After his critically acclaimed debut album "Klavierraum" was released in summer last year, Berlin-based pianist Henning Schmiedt has became one of the most well-known names among the modern classical fans.
With a debut that still sells very well in countries like Japan, Henning is now back with his amazing 2nd solo album, "Wolken".

Unlike "Klavierraum" - which was a very personal, peaceful and intimate album made especially for his pregnant wife, "Wolken", which carries the meaning of "Cloud" in German, is gorgeously sprinkled with bright piano sounds that are overflowing with warmth and gracefulness, without losing Henning’s distinctive style. These soul-lifting compositions are the outcome of the inspirations Henning drew from gazing out from his studio window, at the open sky, the chirping birds, the slow sailing ships and the running river.

In “Wolken”, Henning’s piano sounds are like subtle paint-brush strokes that graciously coloring the flowing time of its listeners. The delicate touches of keyboard, the superior technique, the amazing acoustic treatments, all plotted with simple melodies to form a remarkably graceful ambient, “Wolken” represents a very distinctive sense of beauty in piano solo music. And for this, we are truly grateful to have Henning Schmiedt to bring out this exquisiteness in modern classical music to us.

"it makes for fantastic, non-intrusive accompaniment to a quiet evening of reading, writing, or entertaining friends...a welcome break from the noise of the times" - Indieville

"It's fresh and modern sounding and it's certainly calming me down after a well intense day here at the towers" - Norman Records

旧東ドイツ出身のピアニストHenning Schmiedtによるflauからのソロ・ピアノ2作目。昨夏リリースされ、現在もロングセラーを続ける『Klavierraum』に次ぐ本作 『Wolken』(=ドイツ語で『雲』の意)は、妊娠中の妻に捧げられたというパーソナルな前作に比べ、爽やかで透明感あふれるフレーズはそのままに、よ り開放的で温かさ溢れる作品に仕上がりました。Henningのアトリエから見えるという空や鳥、船や河の流れ。一つ一つのものがそれぞれの時間の中で流れていく世界の中で、ピアノの音もまた、それぞれの時間を色付けていきます。
鍵盤を鮮やかに駆け巡るパッセージ、現代的なエレクトロニクス・音響処理、卓越した技術に裏打ちされた繊細なタッチは、昨今のポスト・クラシカル〜アンビエントとは一線を画す優雅で上品な調べ。クラシックにもジャズにもあてはまらないHenning Schmiedt独特の美意識が見事に結実したソロ・ピアノの決定版です。

"淡い光の粒が舞い踊るようなピアノの旋律が軽やかに心地よく響く、前作同様の素敵なソロ・ピアノ...開放的な喜びにあふれた真夏のスケッチ" - Après-midi

"ジャズの自由さ、クラシックの構成美、様々な音楽からのエッセンスをその瑞々しい旋律や和声感覚、微かなエレクトロニクス処理へと昇華した普遍的ソロピアノ" - Intoxicate


released December 16, 2009



flau 東京都, Japan

flau is a record label and event organizer based in Tokyo, Japan.

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