by Henning Schmiedt

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Lightness, levitation, nostalgia, harmony. Infinity, silence.
Picture celebrations and couples, revolving around each other, weightless, oblivious, seemingly touching the ground only with every third step. A dance, a meditation halfway admidst heaven and earth.

This time around Henning Schmiedt was inspired by a dance to make his latest album walzer.
Three, the ideal measure of bygone times is pivotal for the waltz - and yet it's much more than a vibrant rythm, the waltz is sense of life.

Resonating, melancolic, floating. Nostalgic, infinite.

『Schnee(=雪)』『Spazieren(=散歩)』『Wolken(=雲)』と傑作ソロピアノ作品をリリースしてきたピアニストHenning Schmiedtがダンスにインスピレーションを受けてレコーディングしたというニューアルバム。


released October 21, 2015



flau 東京都, Japan

flau is a record label and event organizer based in Tokyo, Japan.

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