My Little Ghost

by Kidkanevil

  • Compact Disc (CD)

    incl. CD Bonus Track feat. Lullatone

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including Bonus Track for CD feat. Lullatone

01 All Is Lost
02 Earth To G San (feat Tetsuya Hikita)
03 Inakunaru (feat Phasma)
04 Escape Pod
05 Dimension Bomb
06 Butterfly/Satellite (feat Cuushe & Submerse)
07 Ohayo
08 Oyasumi
09 OG San
10 Shunkanido
11 Tomie (feat Cokiyu)
12 Keroro Dub
13 All Is Not Lost (feat Cuushe & Cokiyu)
14 Tales Of Moonlight And Rain (CD Bonus)

LP/DIGITAL via Project Moon Circle


released April 30, 2014



flau 東京都, Japan

flau is a record label and event organizer based in Tokyo, Japan.

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